about us

We’re a group of non-profits and others who love Pittsburgh’s wildly talented, diverse and hard-working local music scene. We created Love PGH Music to shine a light on the huge pool of working musicians who call our city home and help them share their music with the world.

June 2019 Launch

Love PGH Music is a new, non-profit initiative. Launched in June 2019 and in time for the July Love PGH Music Month, we will highlight hundreds of local musicians appearing in clubs, at festivals and house parties and on non-profit stages across the Pittsburgh area.


To pull it all together, we have launched www.LovePGHMusic.com, including an Online Events Calendar where musicians and venues can list—and fans can find—performances from rock and hip-hop to jazz, bluegrass, folk and more.


We hope Love PGH Music will continue to grow and become a Pittsburgh mainstay. In the meantime, we invite you to join in, feel the music and share the love.

Love PGH Music Committee

Thomas Agnew, BOOM Concepts
Chris Boles, Redfishbowl
Abby Goldstein, Public Radio Program Directors Association
Christiane Leach, Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council
Karen Lightell, Red House Communications

Bethany Ruhe, Pittsburgh Current
Mike Sauter, WYEP 91.3
Derek Scalzott, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust
Cody Walters, Northside Leadership Conference and Deutschtown Music Festival


Pittsburgh loves music—more concert tickets are sold per capita here than most U.S. cities. But for many residents and visitors, the local music scene is an undiscovered treasure, and the local music industry a little-known source of economic opportunity. LPM showcases Pittsburgh’s huge pool of local music talent, helping them connect with new fans and creative opportunities.